Seller Registration

Specially abled artists and NGO's (working with the differently abled) throughout the country can register with us to market their products online. Once you register on this page, we will get back with you to help set up your online presence.


We invite company CSR teams, retail buyers, art galleries as well as international buyers to partner with us. Your support will be essential for making this a successful enterprise. Once you fill out this form, we will contact you for more details.

Volunteer with us

We invite college students from all backgrounds (arts, commerce, engineering, etc) to join us in this unique initiative to reduce poverty. We will give you multiple options to help us as well as grow your talent. You could volunteer with us through various ways such as photography, film making, blogging, network building, research and analysis, etc. 


We also offer specialized internship programs wherein you will required to work with us full-time for a minimum period of two months, and work on specific aspects such as network building, web development, marketing, social media engagements, etc. In case you are interested in getting a superb lesson on social entrepreneurship and leadership, we'd advise this program for you!